What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is a term used to describe the process of tracking and documenting the learning and development activities that an individual takes to develop and enhance their professional skills and experience.

CPD helps to ensure that education develops beyond academic learning and into the realm of vocational and practical learning. It provides a skill-based method of ensuring continued personal growth in the given profession.

A key component of CPD is that it is ‘owned’ by the individual and it is their responsibility to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. CPD provides the perfect platform to support this.

Ultimately, CPD is about capturing useful learning experiences and assessing the practical benefits of the learning to the individual. Recording is critical to this process.

What is the role of the CPD Verification Service?

The CPD Verification Service provides an opportunity for external organisations to accredit their learning activities, ensuring they meet professional standards. We review and benchmark your learning services against our rigorous assessment process, with a clear focus on learning outcomes and core learning objectives.

With our team of expert CPD practitioners, we can support and advise you through the requirements of CPD and help you achieve your own accredited CPD process that is fit for purpose.

Organisations that use our certification can be confident that they are delivering professional, worthwhile learning interventions that support the development of the individuals within their business.

About Us

The CPD Verification Service works across all business sectors providing independent accreditation of CPD. With a team of experts in the assessment of CPD and its standards, we are able to provide support to organisations that want to ensure they meet the professional requirements of CPD accreditation. Because we verify CPD independently, organisations that use us can be confident that learners have achieved CPD through impartial means.

We are able to verify CPD in most learning and development interventions, including; classroom training, e-learning, coaching, mentoring, conferences, and seminars.  We also provide certification, which is professionally presented with our verified CPD symbol, demonstrating that our expert assessment standards have been met.

Become Accredited

CPD accreditation helps demonstrate that your learning intervention meets a professional standard and the CPD Verification Service provides a formally recognised approach to this.

By accrediting your materials, you are demonstrating to your learners that the content meets the predefined standards and consequently the intervention should be well received.

The CPD Verification Service are happy to review learning content and, should it meet our strict assessment standards, will provide accredited CPD certificates to your learners upon completion of the learning. Please contact us to begin the application process.

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